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Author Topic: Andromeda 14 and Black Eye 21 galaxies are now live!  (Read 1193 times)


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Andromeda 14 and Black Eye 21 galaxies are now live!
« on: September 30, 2021, 03:29:30 AM »
Deorc Enterprise would like to thank our loyal players and make the following announcement.<br><br>

Andromeda 14 and Black Eye 21 galaxies have both been relaunched. Existing accounts and galactic credits were forwarded for each galaxy. Andromeda remains a PvE galaxy and is planned to run for the next nine months.

Black Eye will be a PvE galaxy for the next three months. Starting in 2022, Black Eye will then change over to a PvP galaxy with the following changes.  Only players that are part of a federation will be able to attack other players that are in a federation.  Therefore, non-federation players will only be allowed to perform PvE while federation members will have access to the full PvP content. Additionally, Black Eye will now have an extended life with a minimum of two years.

We hope that these an other planned changes will continue to make the Dark Expanse your favorites space strategy game.