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Black Eye 7 Changes and Ending Date
« on: July 30, 2014, 06:03:10 PM »
Black Eye was scheduled to end on 16 August 2014, but will be extended to 23 August 2014 to meet  maintenance and development needs.

We previously had planned on launching a new Centaurus galaxy.  We planned on calling it a hardcore galaxy type. While we are still working on some hosting issues to make this happen, we have decided that with Black Eye 6 ending soon, the next iteration  7 will be as a "Hardcore" galaxy instead of the previous "Speed" galaxy.

A Dark Expanse Hardcore galaxy will have:
  • 2x Speed - Will run at double the speed of Andromeda.
  • A new mission called Planet Survey - This will allow each commander to determine how many resources are on the planet.
  • Limited Planet Resources - Each planet will start with only a certain amount of resources and will be consumed through game play.
  • Tougher NPCs - The non-player characters will have tougher ships, PDBs and planets. And more of them.
  • Longer Ship Build Times - Larger fleets will be harder to create, thus require more strategic game play.
  • No Imperial Chit Conversion from Galactic Credits - Players will not be able to convert galactic credits to imperial chits.  They will be able to convert Victory Points to Imperial Chits.
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